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DEUBIM supports the buildingSMART Professional Certification Program
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DEUBIM supports the buildingSMART Professional Certification Program

DEUBIM GmbH - one of the leading consulting companies for the digital transformation of construction and real estate as well as the use of the method Building Information Modeling (BIM) - is actively involved in working and financial support to commit for BIM training courses in accordance with recognized global standards. As a result of a long-standing intensive cooperation, DEUBIM became the first German main sponsor of the certification initiative of buildingSMART.

The "buildingSMART Professional Certification Program" is designed to enable instructors to offer quality-assured and software-independent BIM courses and to document this through an internationally recognized certificate. There is still no recognized BIM certification in Germany, but there is a growing demand for professional qualifications in the labor market.

DEUBIM is driving the BIM standardization forward

„The engagement of DEUBIM and TÜV SÜD Akademie in the buildingSMART International (bSI) Professional Certification Program makes a significant contribution. The ongoing active support of DEUBIM within the development of international openBIM standards is highly appreciated by bSI“, highlighted Richard Kelly, Operations Director at buildingSMART International. Within the scope of the participation in working groups, DEUBIM actively supports the development of standardized BIM teaching content at the national and international level of buildingSMART. In addition to buildingSMART, DEUBIM is engaged in the VDI and is also a co-partner in the initiative planen-bauen 4.0. In this way, DEUBIM is pushing forward that the content is coordinated both at the national and international level and that there are no parallel worlds with regard to BIM teaching content.

BIM is an important component of the digital agenda adopted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Trough BIM, real estate can be planned, modified, built and operated more precisely.  BIM allows you to work with digital building models across the entire life cycle. The efficiency increases at all process levels and reduces the risk of expensive mis-planning and construction delays.

André Pilling, CEO of DEUBIM: "We are currently seeing a growing interest among builders, planners, engineers and contractors in using the advantages of the BIM method, especially for larger real estate projects. Unfortunately, there are still no recognized training certificates in Germany that ensure that there is a provable consistent understanding of the BIM method. "

As the only German representative in the buildingSMART Professional Certification Program, DEUBIM is working with experts from the respective national buildingSMART chapters to develop a BIM training plan which is based on international best practices, but also takes into account the need for country-specific adaptations. In the case of teaching contents, great importance is placed on software independence and open interfaces, in order to make the advantages of the BIM method available to all project participants.

TÜV SÜD Academy and DEUBIM are striving for the first German buildingSMART certification

The TÜV SÜD Academy has already been offering BIM training courses in several German cities in cooperation with DEUBIM, which are based on the latest work of the developing buildingSMART International teaching contents and are interdisciplinary not only to architects and engineers, but also interdisciplinarily to builders as well as property and facility managers, construction companies. While the teaching content and speakers are provided by DEUBIM, the TÜV SÜD Academy, as an experienced partner in the field of continuing education and training, ensures the professional handling of the BIM courses. Due to the co-development of international BIM standards, DEUBIM and the TÜV SÜD Academy are now striving to offer a BIM certificate as the first German teaching institute in the summer of 2017 on the basis of the rules of the international buildingSMART initiative.