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BIM - Das digitale Miteinander, 3. updated and extended edition
NEWS / Tu-01-yy

BIM - Das digitale Miteinander ! Thanks for the great success! Now the 3rd revised and extended edition comes along:

- Explanations to relevant standards and guidelines (especially the dedicated explanation of the VDI guideline series 2552)

- Project report FMZ Leinefelde (including the BIM SME guide supported by BBSR and BMI as download)

- Dedicated description and support for the creation of ordering party information requirements (AIA) and BIM processing plan (BAP)

- Presentation VDI/buildingSMART "Professional Certification Program

- Presentation of new forms of learning about BIM (including module 1 of the EDUBIM BIM Basic Knowledge training programme as a download)

Order your personal copy HERE!